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Liz Pulver

New, York


Liz Pulver Design delivers a cheery does of green to you and your spaces!



I’ve seen New Yorkers transform tiny spaces into fantastic little viewscapes, style their front stoop like nobody’s business and turn windowboxes into stylish home accessories. In the process- they dress up and enhance daily life for themselves and their neighbors! 

Now I want to show you how to style your unique urban outdoor spaces too--something I call "cityscaping”. From rooftop terraces, to townhouse gardens, to the perfect pot for your windowsill or entryway— you can cityscape, with sophistication and creativity. In fact, as a stylish urban dweller, it’s incumbent upon you to style your interior and exterior spaces to reflect you and your fashionable garden lifestyle.  

Just like you design your home by selecting paints, fabrics, furniture and art, and just like you design and style yourself, through fashion and beauty choices, cityscaping is an important design priority that completes your quality of city life.

To get you started, I’m designing a line of planters and outdoor products exclusively for urban spaces. This will give both casual and dedicated urban gardeners a chance to bring color, function and pizzazz to their urban outdoor spaces.  

Start looking at the untapped spaces all around you, because it’s time to 

dress up your cityscape!

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